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Show all your sales content in one place. 
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INVENT SALES APP includes the sales content needed to deliver a powerful sales presentation:

  • 360 Virtual tours
  • Floor plans
  • 3D scale models
  • 3D site plans
  • and much more…


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Whether you are selling homes online, over video calls, or in person at a sales location, INVENT SALES APP is accessible everywhere.

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Receive the latest marketing and sales trends.


Introduction Before the pandemic many builders thought that they really had no option other than to splurge and spend millions on their

Introduction For decades now, builders have been spending a tremendous amount of time, resources, and money in constructing physical model homes to

Introduction Builders have been constructing physical model homes to sell new developments for decades. They are seen by most builders as an essential


Receive the latest marketing and sales trends.

  • Marketing and Sales Tools
  • Case Studies
  • Free Webinars
  • Industry Trends



Receive the latest marketing and sales trends.

  • Marketing and Sales Tools
  • Case Studies
  • Free Webinars
  • Industry Trends


Let's talk about how we can help you get better marketing and sales results.


What is INVENT SALES APP exactly?

INVENT SALES APP is a highly interactive application that combines all your sales content in one place – including floor plans, virtual tours, 3D site plans and more.

It delivers a highly interactive experience so that home buyers stay longer, engage more, and can envision living in their future home.

To help builders earn more on every home they sell, INVENT SALES APP shows home buyers all of the home features and upgrades they want in their dream home.

We also show the lifestyle features including the amenities, site plan highlights, and community features – so home buyers appreciate the full value of living in your development.

INVENT SALES APP is focused on helping quality builders stand out and improve their brand awareness as an innovative builder.

If you are interested in discussing how INVENT SALES APP can help with your project let’s chat.

How does INVENT SALES APP compare to other virtual sales apps?

Our virtual sales app goes the extra mile to show everything home buyers want in their dream home.

This includes:

  • Showing premium quality representations of your homes, features, upgrades and amenities.
  • Delivering a highly interactive experience that keeps home buyers engaged.
  • Offering an online experience to reach potential home buyers around the globe.
  • Enabling your sales team to show homes from anywhere – whether it be over a Zoom call miles away, at the sales office, or at a local coffee shop.

Interested in seeing if INVENT SALES APP can help your sales team?

Contact us and we’ll give your sales team a link to try INVENT SALES APP.

What sales content does INVENT SALES APP show?

INVENT SALES APP shows all your marketing and sales content in an engaging way including:

  • Floor plans
  • Virtual tours of INVENT MODEL HOMES
  • Virtual tours of your brick-and-mortar model homes
  • 360 views of site plan
  • 360 views of buildings and homes
  • 360 views of the nearby community
  • Renderings
  • PDFs (of Purchase and Warranty Agreements)
  • Pricing information
  • Upgrade selections
  • Home availability status (available, on-hold, sold)
  • Call-to-actions –  including builder contact information, registration forms, and auto meeting scheduler with the sales team.
Want to see how INVENT SALES APP can show your sales content in an engaging way? Contact us and try it out.

How does INVENT SALES APP help builders maximize revenues?

We help builders maximize revenues by showing every home feature and upgrade in an engaging way, including:

  • Premium Finishes
  • Hardware
  • Upgraded Flooring
  • Custom Fixtures
  • Luxury Appliances
  • Custom Cabinetry
  • Extended Ceiling Heights
  • Ceiling Treatments
  • Smart Home Tech
  • Balconies and Decks
  • Landscape Design
  • Moulding / Millwork
  • On-site Amenities
  • Community Lifestyle Features

By presenting these features and upgrades in a fun and interactive way buyers are more likely to include them in their home purchase.

Do your homes include features and options you know home buyers will love? Great! Contact us to discuss how we can best show them to home buyers.

How does INVENT SALES APP help leading builders stand out?

INVENT SALES APP helps builders deliver a highly engaging experience that home buyers love – making what is normally a time consuming and exhausting process an enjoyable, convenient and exciting one.

We help builders differentiate themselves, their homes, and their communities by allowing home buyers to experience ALL that they have to offer.

By offering a highly engaging experience, home buyers will be more likely to play, learn, experience and fall in love with your homes – and they will see how your homes are not just ordinary, but how they are extraordinary.

Does INVENT SALES APP save builders money?

Yes! INVENT SALES APP helps the builder cut down on marketing and sales costs. Examples:

  • Avoid building large expensive sales offices
  • No need for floor plan posters and brochures
  • No need for scale models
  • Eliminate model home staging and carry costs
For more cost saving ideas, please see our PRICING page.

How can INVENT SALES APP help with rising lumber prices?

While we can’t lower lumber prices, we can help builders earn more on every home they sell, while lowering sales and marketing costs – which helps offset escalating material costs. 

This may include avoiding the lumber and material costs of building a large sales office.

See an example of lowering sales center costs on our PRICING page.

Is INVENT SALES APP used for self-serve home shopping?


Our application was designed to deliver a fun, interactive and enjoyable online home shopping experience for home buyers.

By keeping home buyers engaged, they spend the time to experience the benefits of your homes and community.

As a result, visitors will turn into highly engaged leads – before they even meet your sales team!

Want to see INVENT SALES APP from the perspective of a home buyer? Contact us to try it out!

What platforms does INVENT SALES APP support?

INVENT SALES APP supports anything that has online access. This includes:

  • Online
  • All Web Browsers
  • Mobile Devices and Tablets
  • Smart TVs
  • Touchscreens
  • Virtual Reality Devices
Want to try it on your device?  Contact us to try it out!

Where can sales agents show INVENT SALES APP?

Sales agents can show your project from anywhere.

This includes:

  • Over Google/Zoom/Teams sales calls
  • At the sales office
  • At pop-up events
  • Any place with online access

What types of projects is INVENT SALES APP used for?

  • Multifamily projects including single family homes, town homes, mid-rise and high-rise projects.
  • Purpose-built rental projects
  • Mixed-use projects (residential and commercial spaces).
If you are not sure if INVENT SALES APP is right for your project, contact us and we can discuss if there is a fit.

What is the difference between INVENT SALES APP and INVENT MODEL HOMES?

INVENT SALES APP shows all your marketing and sales content in one place – which may include renderings, videos, and virtual tours created from INVENT MODEL HOMES.

If you want to learn more about INVENT MODEL HOMES please click here.

Is INVENT SALES APP expensive?

If you are a quality builder you will want to show the value of your homes – using premium marketing materials and engaging sales tools.

For quality builders who want to maximize revenues on their homes, every dollar spent on INVENT DEV yields a great return on investment.

Furthermore, INVENT SALES APP helps to reduce marketing and sales expenses. For cost saving ideas, please see our pricing page.

I have renderings already. Can I still use INVENT SALES APP?

Absolutely. We can leverage your existing marketing materials.

Do you support Matterport tours of my brick-and-mortar model homes?

Yes. We support all virtual tours of brick-and-mortar models and inventory homes, including Matterport and iGuide tours.

Do you show home prices in INVENT SALES APP?

Yes, you can control when and how home prices are shown.

Do you show home availability in INVENT SALES APP?

Yes, your sales team can easily change the lot or unit availability status online using a secure website.

Do you allow customers to buy homes online?


We integrate with third-party software providers who can facilitate buying homes online. 

This is especially beneficial for builders who want to sell homes to out-of-towners who are unable to meet a sales person face-to-face.

If you want to sell your homes online, contact us to learn how.

Do you integrate with my CRM or ERP?

We support many of the leading CRMs and ERPs.

Please contact us to discuss integrating with your existing systems.

Can you keep me up to date about marketing and sales tools for the building industry?

Yes! Join our newsletter and receive weekly insights about marketing and sales. 

Contact us if you have any topics you would like to see in our newsletter.

I have more questions. What is your contact information?

You can contact us by clicking here. We’re looking forward to chatting soon.

Have other questions? We are happy to help.


Stay on top of the latest marketing and sales trends.
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